• stainless steel screen

Stainless steel screen partition

Name: Stainless steel screen

Brand: Xibo International

Application scenarios: Widely used in functional divisions of indoor spaces, partition walls of hotel lobby, etc.

Product introduction: The stainless steel bending welding process is used to complete the process. The surface effect is very beautiful and decent.

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Substrate 304 stainless steel Texture SUS304 201 316
thickness 0.3mm~1.5mm length No limit, can roll
width 1000mm~1250mm depth custom made
Application scenario Widely used in functional divisions of indoor spaces, partition walls of hotel lobby, etc.



Application scenario

  • Home cabinet 

  • Steel door decoration

  • Color steel products

  • Elevator decoration

  • Commercial showcase 

  • Indoor decorations 




--------------------------------------------------------------------: Stainless Steel Decorative Screen Partition :----------------------------------------------------------


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Stainless steel screen partition
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