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Surface processing technology of stainless steel plate

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Surface processing technology of stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate has unique characteristics such as unique strength, high abrasion resistance, superior anti-corrosion performance and resistance to rust. Therefore, it is widely used in industry, food machinery, mechanical and electrical industry, household appliance industry, home decoration and finishing industry. The development prospect of the use of stainless steel plate will be more and more broad, but the development of the use of stainless steel plate is largely determined by the development of its surface treatment technology.
1. Water plating (mainly black, pay attention to the unstable color of 304 stainless steel plate water plating, slightly blue, mirror stainless steel plate is particularly obvious, the processing method is high temperature without fingerprints, but the stainless steel plate surface will be brown)
2.Plating—PVD vacuum plasma plating (can be plated with sapphire blue, black, brown, seven-color, zirconium gold, bronze, bronze, rose, champagne gold, light green)
3. Etching series, visible pictures of etched graphics. After the color can be etched or etched, the color stainless steel etched plate is chemically etched on the surface of the object to etch out various patterns. 8K mirror stainless steel plate or brushed stainless steel plate is used as the bottom plate. After the etching process, the surface of the object can be further processed. Local and grain, wire drawing, gold inlay, local titanium gold and other complex processes can be used to achieve bright and dark patterns. , Colorful effects. Etched stainless steel plates include colored stainless steel plates with a variety of patterns. The available colors are: titanium black (black titanium), sky blue, titanium gold, sapphire blue, brown, brown, purple, bronze, blue bronze, champagne. Gold, rose gold, purple red, titanium white, emerald green, green, etc., suitable for: star hotels, KTV, large shopping malls, high-end entertainment venues, etc. Can also be customized according to customer drawings and requirements.
4, embossing series: stainless steel embossing plate is embossed on the stainless steel plate by mechanical equipment, so that the surface of the plate appears uneven patterns. Also known as stainless steel pattern plate.
The patterns to choose from are weave bamboo pattern, ice bamboo pattern, diamond pattern, small square, large and small grain board (pearl pattern), diagonal stripes, butterfly pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, cube, free pattern, goose egg pattern, stone Pattern, panda pattern, antique check pattern, etc., pattern can be customized according to customers or choose our factory pattern. This embossed plate has a firm and bright appearance, higher surface hardness, more wear-resistant, easy to clean, maintenance-free, impact resistance, compression resistance, scratch resistance and no fingerprints. Mainly used in stainless steel series of building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration, kitchenware and so on.
5. Sand blasting, the color can be plated after blasting, but there is a color difference between the plating and ordinary plating, the main reason is that the blasting particles are corundum. The stainless steel sandblasted random grain plate is processed on the stainless steel plate surface by mechanical equipment with zirconium beads, so that the plate surface shows a fine bead-like sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Uses: It is mainly used in stainless steel products such as building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration and facility decoration.


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