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What affects the price of colored stainless steel decorative plates?

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What affects the price of colored stainless steel decorative plates?

First of all, we must know what factors will affect the price of colored stainless steel decorative plates!

First, understand its production process:

The raw materials of stainless steel substrate are the coils produced by major iron and steel plants such as: (Lianzhong, Hongwang, Jiugang, Baosteel, etc.), and then go through a series of flat plates, cutting and other processes to obtain various specifications of stainless steel base plates, Various surface treatment processes include mirror coloring (vacuum plating, nano-plating, water plating, etc.), frosting, sandblasting, wire drawing, printing, etching, de-titanium process, etc., and finally through the film, after processing in various required sizes Bending the shape, the colored stainless steel decorative plate is produced, and finally installed and used!

Through the above production process, it can be clearly known that the main factors affecting the price of colored stainless steel decorative plates are:
Second, the original substrate factors:

That is, factors such as the manufacturer, material, and specifications of the raw material. In terms of materials, there are currently 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series material models on the market. Generally speaking, the larger the model number, the better the performance and the higher the price.

Production factors:

That is, the price of color stainless steel decorative plate in each link in the production process, processing requirements, and technology. Such as plating process, pattern etching depth process, surface treatment additional process, film process, etc. All affect the price!

Fourth, the transportation price factor:

After a series of processing is completed, the packaging requirements and transportation guarantee will have an impact!

From this point of view, the price of the colored stainless steel decorative plate will change accordingly due to the price fluctuation of the raw material base plate, the choice of surface treatment process, and the choice of plating color. With these reference factors, it is not difficult to calculate the price at all.
Since the price factors are so composed, then why are the prices of different manufacturers of the same material style sheet different? The secret is that the production process of each manufacturer will be different. For example, our cbsa International stainless steel production process has 10 years of production and processing experience. It is the first fingerprint-free production line, which not only can control the quality of all aspects from the substrate to the shipment, but also can effectively reduce the rate of defective products At the same time, customer-friendly after-sales service has been established. Realize one-stop shopping! Cost savings for you! guaranteed quality!


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