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What should be paid attention to when choosing stainless steel color plate?

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Stainless steel color plate without fingerprint plate refers to the surface of the colored stainless steel decoration is coated with a transparent colorless to light yellow liquid protective layer. This transparent nano metal roll coating liquid is dried and mixed with various textures of colored stainless steel. The decorative board surfaces are firmly bonded together to form a transparent hard solid protective film layer. The level of color stainless steel fingerprint-free plate processing technology will affect the long-term aesthetics, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance of metal sheet.
        Various colored stainless steel products can be processed with advanced fingerprint-free technology to increase the beauty and durability of metal decorative plates. The main purpose is to prevent people from leaving fingerprints on the surface of these plates, so as not to get oil, sweat, Dirt etc. tarnish the surface. At present, the price of metal decorative boards that have undergone special processing without fingerprints is generally not high, and the cost performance of aesthetics and value is relatively high, effectively improving the decorative effect. The price of the fingerprint-free plate is also related to the thickness of the colored stainless steel. Generally, the thicker the more expensive the plate, usually the plate below 1.0 is about 8-10 yuan per square meter.

The fingerprint-free process has changed the problem that the colored stainless steel surface will leave obvious fingerprints when touched. There is also a titanium-plated color film on the stainless steel surface. If the quality is not good enough, the color film will easily fall off after a long time, so the fingerprint-free process will also make the color stainless steel surface more durable and durable, reducing the time of routine maintenance.
Colored stainless steel non-fingerprint boards are mainly used for decoration and decoration. They can be used in hotel decoration, KTV nightclubs, elevators, furniture, security doors, spacecraft, lighting, architectural decoration and so on. The fingerprint-free processing will not damage the appearance of the base layer, and at the same time, the color film layer will not peel off. Wiping with a dust-free cloth can completely remove the stains. Generally, high-quality stainless steel plates are selected first, and various colored stainless steel decorative plates are processed through dozens of processes such as cutting, pressing, bending, forming, welding, oiling, and sanding. Finally, the surface is fingerprint-free.


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