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Carefully select materials and create new products with ingenuity!

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CBSA International stainless steel plate carefully selected materials to create ingenious boutique! The company has cooperation with many manufacturing companies. Among them, Guangdong Baoneng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. has always maintained a stable and friendly cooperative relationship with our company. Orders. Recently, Guangdong Baoneng Furnishing Co., Ltd. once again ordered a batch of white-flash silver stainless steel coated plates from the company. The following editor will tell you about this inter-era cooperation process.

Since the establishment of the company, it has been adhering to the essence of Chinese artisan culture, “ingenuity, excellence”, focusing on the surface treatment of high-quality stainless steel plates, and committed to creating high-end plates. The business philosophy of “casting platinum-quality cabinets” fits well. They share a common vision and have the same goals, so the two companies have always created a win-win situation. This is why, to date, stainless steel plates are still the designated supplier of Beneng stainless steel cabinets.
In October 2019, Beneng Company ordered a batch of white flash silver stainless steel coated plates for the creation of new products.
In line with the spirit of "dedication and careful craftsmanship", the team of the company delivered the boards to the factory with quality and quantity. After the team's innovative design, the new product "White Snow" with a simple and pure white tone was freshly released. It is currently in the terminal. The market has been well received by consumers!


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Article tags: Carefully select materials and create new products with ingenuity!

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