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How to use stainless steel decorative plate in top hotels

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How to apply stainless steel decorative SHEET to top hotels? If you want to upgrade the decoration, you have to use stainless steel decorative plates. Compared with other decorative materials such as glass and stone, stainless steel decorative plate has the best durability. Stainless steel decorative boards can be divided into mirror panels, matte boards and wire drawing boards according to the surface technology.

  Among them, the brightness of the mirror panel is the best, which can maximize the brightness of the indoor light, and the overall effect is excellent. CBSA International's colored stainless steel mirror panel is the most widely used in top-level hotel decoration applications, and has become the first choice decoration material for many top hotels. The mirror effect of the mirror panel makes it better show the overall space of the hotel lobby. After the application of the golden stainless steel plate, the entire hotel lobby can highlight the nobleness, thereby visually improving the grade. In narrow corridors and aisles, mirror stainless steel is used for decoration on both sides, which can make the original narrower place magnify by the principle of mirror surface to achieve better results.

  In the details of the decoration of top hotels, we should pay more attention to the application of stainless steel materials. The processing of details is the strong point of stainless steel decoration. It can be used in lamp shades, background walls, wardrobes and other details without sacrificing the overall aesthetics. , Can be more point-by-point, with a small investment to bring the overall grade improvement.

  The use of stainless steel decorative plates in the dining table is the most important decorative part of top hotels. The hotel dining table is a must-have for almost anyone visiting the hotel. So the decoration of the table must be in place. The stainless steel material is self-evident for the improvement of the dining table grade, and the frosted and brushed stainless steel is easy to clean and durable, which can greatly reduce the cleaning work of the hotel staff. Therefore, stainless steel decorative plates are used by the top customers for tableware and tableware.


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