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Where are colored stainless steel plates used?

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When we go to many large hotels, KTV, when we take the elevator, will we find a variety of brilliant and colorful materials, yes these materials are colored stainless steel plates after various plating or printing etching process . Now tell you about the occasions where colored stainless steel plates are generally used!

I. Building Decoration

Building Decoration. Such as stainless steel baseboards, stainless steel background walls, large curtain walls, pillar edging, etc., are usually represented by patterns and colors. Representative products include stainless steel etching plates, stainless steel three-dimensional embossing plates, stainless steel vacuum titanium plate.

II.Lift decoration

Elevator decoration. There are mainly decoration of hall doors and cars. Most of the processes applied are etching, mirror surface, titanium plating, sandblasting, etc. Through a single or combined process, a unique pattern and texture are produced, thereby forming a high-end stainless steel elevator decorative plate.

What is the decoration of black steel, copper plated stainless steel door? Look at the application of colored stainless steel

Stainless steel elevator edging

III.Kitchen and bathroom home improvement

Kitchen and bathroom decoration. Such as stainless steel bathroom cabinet, stainless steel cabinet body and door, the representative products are stainless steel black titanium flower plate, stainless steel wire drawing plate, stainless steel film decorative plate, stainless steel transfer decorative plate and so on.


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