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How much is the price of colored stainless steel 304!

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Many new customers have asked me about the price of colored stainless steel 304. This is not intuitive to answer because the price is determined based on many factors. Not that you want colored stainless steel 304 sheet, I can give you a direct quote. If you meet a merchant who directly quotes you, then you must be careful, the other party is likely to be unprofessional. So in general, they will ask you what factors are quoting for you?

I. Material requirements

At the beginning, a communicating merchant will ask you what material you want. Of course, this has already been said to be 304. I want to know the price of colored stainless steel 304. In this case, you will be asked if you need the processing thickness of 304 sheet. Our stainless steel sheet has different thicknesses. The processing requirements and prices for different thicknesses are also different!
Second, the process requirements

After determining the thickness, we basically know the price of our colored stainless steel 304. This quotation is transparent in the market. Generally, the quotations of each company will not differ too much, because this is related to the fluctuations in the market. This process is more extensive, because our process is very many, as far as the surface is concerned, the color of titanium gold is different from the price of water plating. There are many kinds of titanium gold, such as yellow titanium, rose gold, etc.! So the price is different too! If you need to etch, the price will be more expensive!


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