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What are the processes of rose gold stainless steel plate?

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We can see a lot of colorful rose gold stainless steel plates decorated with stainless steel everywhere. Some of the surface looks like a thin and long wire-drawing material, some are made of fine sand, and some are mirrored. Feel the texture of the pattern! Yes, what you see are all rose gold stainless steel decorative plates with different craftsmanship. Let's find out what their processes are!

Mirror process

The rose gold mirror effect we see is what we usually refer to as the rose gold stainless steel mirror panel, which is specially polished to reach the level of 8K, and then placed in the titanium furnace for color plating!

Drawing process

The wire shape we see is also the same principle. A special wire drawing process is performed on the surface of our 2B primary color stainless steel.

Sand blasting process

The sand blasting process uses a special material through high-pressure treatment to spray fine sand on the stainless steel surface to form a sand-like effect on the surface. The steps are similar to other processes, and the color plating process is performed.

Etching process
The etching process will be more complicated than the above three processes, because he can include the other three process flows, and then enter an etching process in the fourth stage! The patterned etching plate we have seen is presented in this way!


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