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Do you know how popular stainless steel decorative profiles are now?

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Today, I will talk about a stainless steel decorative material that has been very popular in the past two years. It can be used in all spaces of the house, and it is also particularly environmentally friendly. There are many colors for owners to choose. This material is stainless steel lines.

Light luxury decoration has been particularly popular in the past two years. A significant feature of this decoration is that it will be used extensively in the house. It may be on the top or on the walls and cabinet door panels, giving a wealthy feeling.

    The stainless steel lines in the bathroom and kitchen are also widely used. In these two spaces, the stainless steel lines can be made into angle corner guards. The angles in the kitchen and bathroom are relatively easy to break, because the tiles have been separated at a 45 degree angle. Can not bear too much external force, the tiles at the corners of the corners may be damaged if used for a long time. Placing the corners of the tiles with a stainless steel line can solve this problem.

Stainless steel profiles also have a good use in the bathroom. Many owners like to make waist lines in the bathroom to increase the layered sense of the wall tiles.

The stainless steel strip can be made into a T-shape, and the width can be processed according to your own preference without affecting the normal construction. Currently, the tile is generally left with a large seam of two millimeters. After the tile is pasted, the inside of the T-shaped strip is marked The glass glue is inserted into the gap between the tiles. You don't need to ask someone to install it, you can install it yourself. The cost of a one-meter stainless steel line is generally a few dollars. It does not cost much at all in a circle, and it costs no labor. Compared with the traditional waistline, it saves a lot of money, and the effect is great. .

       In addition to the use of stainless steel lines in these two spaces, it is more commonly used on the TV wall in the living room. For example, the most commonly used is embedded in the ceiling, and a circle or two circles of stainless steel are made on the ceiling The effect is also very good.

After talking about the benefits of so many stainless steel lines, let me talk about the construction. Just now I mentioned that stainless steel lines have T-shaped, and there are stainless steel U-shaped and stainless steel L-shaped lines. Their shapes are different and their uses are different. U type is the most widely used now. Take the suspended ceiling as an example. There are two installation methods on the suspended ceiling. The first type is embedded and the second type is leaking. The installation cannot be nailed. Styrofoam or glass glue sticking, no matter which method, must be prepared in advance, the embedded must reserve the gypsum board slot in advance on the suspended ceiling, and the leaked out must be made of wooden keel in advance to facilitate the installation of stainless steel lines.


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