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How to design colored stainless steel screens in hotels

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Colored stainless steel screens has been valued in interior hotel engineering decoration applications. A large number of colored stainless steel products have been planned and designed by master designers to add color to the hotel lobby space and enhance the hotel's grade.

Hong Kong design masters once said that the biggest difficulty in hotel engineering design is the breakthrough. How to make the hotel space become fashionable and attract more customers to stay has become the focus of designers.
The work of Hong Kong master Liang Zhitian is known to everyone. The reason why his work has attracted everyone's attention is mainly the bold design, the bold use of new materials. The hotel lobby is decorated and functions as a functional partition. As a result, the works have won praise and popularity among the industry. For a time, I discovered that colored stainless steel can be used in this way. Afterwards, various designers continued to follow suit and successively designed various innovative works with similarities, which pushed the colored stainless steel screen to the climax and won the market effect and popularity.

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