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Processing method of color stainless steel sheet products in China

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With the wide application of colored stainless steel sheet, many countries have also begun to invest in the construction of the stainless steel industry. So how is it produced? Now I will briefly explain the processing methods of colored stainless steel:

Color stainless steel is actually processed and produced from primary color stainless steel. According to the needs of different customers, the surface of stainless steel is processed and produced.
If it is a brushed golden stainless steel sheet, then the surface of the stainless steel is treated by wire drawing or snowflake sand treatment, and then the vacuum plating furnace is used for plating. The core key here is the technical control of the plating furnace. A good product is At this critical point, this is also called the PVD plating process.
If the surface of the product is mirror gold, then the stainless steel is first matte surface treatment, and then 8K treatment, some high quality is 10K, after the treatment, then get the vacuum plating furnace for electroplating color, and then take out to add Protect it with a protective film so that the entire process is complete.
If you want to know more about the production and processing technology of Chinese colored stainless steel, please consult or continue to pay attention to this site for updated information.


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