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What color stainless steel finshes is good?

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To talk about the effect of the stainless steel surface, of course, the surface-processed colored stainless steel, that is to say, before plating, the stainless steel surface is polished or sanded, the resulting color will be more uniform and beautiful, the quality will be more stable, and the color will be more Beautiful.

Many customers require good quality and cheap prices, which cannot be achieved, and good quality will inevitably be higher in price, because the processing procedures are different, the materials used for processing are different, and the resulting costs are different, resulting in the overall processing. There will be deviations between quality and price.
When customers order products, it is best to evaluate the combination of usage and requirements, determine your requirements, and then communicate details with the manufacturer, so that the cost can be controlled and the quality that meets the needs can be achieved.
For more details on the color stainless steel finish, please consult for ordering.


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