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Price of decorative stainless steel sheet for China KTV project

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A large number of colored decorative stainless steel sheet have been widely used in major wines and KTV bar venues around the world.This will be a very promising prospect for the future market, so how should it be priced?

For the pricing of colored decorative stainless steel plates, the prices will be different for non-application projects.For ordinary colored plates, the price of less demanding will be lower. For stainless steel used in hotels, bars, KTV, elevators, indoor wall decoration The relative requirements are much higher, and the prices are correspondingly higher.The main reason is that the processing quality is different. Ordinary is generally used for outdoor walls or products that are far away from the wall.The requirements for decoration are not so high, while for hotels , KTV, elevators and other decorative applications that are close to the moment of viewing, the requirements will be higher, which is also applied, the truth of the price for the price.
As for the price of stainless steel plates for decoration projects, of course, it has a relationship with mass production, that is, the size of the purchase volume. The larger the volume, the lower the overall cost. The smaller the volume, the more expensive it will be.
For other questions about decorative stainless steel plates, you are welcome to ask questions or consult, this site will continue to publish more information about colored stainless steel sheet. Please continue to pay attention.


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