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Which factory is better at decorating stainless steel screens

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The decorative stainless steel screen originated in China, and the Foshan factory in Guangdong has done more color, fast update and good quality.
As for which factory is better, this may not give you a perfect answer, because there are too many factors affecting it. But what is certain is that brand manufacturers do more than non-brand manufacturers, and that factory management is also an important factor. Well-managed manufacturers will also have better quality control.

So, how do buyers choose reliable factories? I believe everyone wants to know, and I believe you have tried manufacturers who did not do well. Now, I will give you an analysis of several selection methods:
First, evaluate your own pricing first, and be aware of it so that you can fix the selection range.
Second, look at the brand. When you receive some supplier or manufacturer information, you will notice that some are branded and some are unbranded. You can also learn from the other party ’s website or publicize from the other party. Learned. Brands pay more attention to quality and production management, while those without brands are relatively poor.

Third, what is the difference between manufacturers and suppliers, or traders? The manufacturer is the existing factory; the supplier is to cooperate with the factory and produce according to the supplier's standards; the trader is to receive the customer's order and transfer it to the factory for processing, and they are only a local cooperative relationship. This way you will understand who you will find more reliable.

Finally, tell you that if you choose a brand that can provide you with value-added services in addition to products, you will get guidance services for product design optimization and installation. You should know that these brands have these services that will save you peace of mind and save a lot of time and energy, because after you place an order, they will start to be responsible for your order, whether your quality requirements, drawing design are reasonable and provide optimization At the same time, it will also consider whether the coordination between installation and processing is reasonable, or there is a better plan to optimize the installation process. All value-added services are provided free of charge. This is the value-added service promised by the brand. Of course, the unit price of their products will be relatively higher, but the quality and after-sales you get will greatly exceed this value.
Ok, about how to choose the manufacturers of decorative stainless steel screens, the suggestions given here, I hope to help you, thank you.


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