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How to install color stainless steel decorative screens in China

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Colored stainless steel decorative screens are widely used in China, especially in hotels, KTVs, restaurants, commercial spaces and offices and homes.
Generally used in offices and homes to indicate feng shui and decorative effects, good luck, well-being and business prosperity.
As for how to install the color stainless steel decorative screen, the conventional method is to fix the ceiling with the ceiling, and the bottom with the silk to fix it. Each installation and design unit is different, so the installation method is also very diverse, and ultimately it is beautiful, and the details of the installation cannot be seen.

For overseas markets, it is generally recommended to use a card position on the top for easy installation. The bottom can be fixed with a screw or glass glue, and the main body will be replaced or disassembled later.
As for the top card positioning method, it is to install a card slot in advance during the design and fix it to the ceiling or welding through the wire, which will be more safe, reliable and beautiful.
To learn more about the application design, processing and installation of colored stainless steel decorative screens, please continue to pay attention to update information or consult customer service staff.


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