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What is a stainless steel mirror sheet and what are the mirror effects?

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1. What is a stainless steel mirror sheet
Stainless steel is used in many materials in the decoration industry, and stainless steel mirror sheets are among them. So what is a stainless steel mirror panel? In fact, it is very simple to polish the mirror surface of the stainless steel surface, using a grinder and a polishing machine to perform specific processing according to different grade requirements. After that, other processing layers can be added to show various mirror effects. Below we will talk about the different effects that can be processed.

Second, the stainless steel titanium mirror effect
The titanium mentioned here refers to the color of stainless steel plating, such as: yellow titanium mirror stainless steel, rose gold mirror stainless steel, champagne gold mirror stainless steel, sapphire blue mirror stainless steel, black titanium gold mirror stainless steel, mirror brass stainless steel, etc. . Including many colors, it is usually called titanium mirror panel in the market. It is vacuum-plated after polishing stainless steel. Of course, there are two types of black mirror plating: water plating and vacuum plating. .
Three, stainless steel mirror etching effect
The etching of the stainless steel mirror sheet mentioned here is based on polishing, plating and coloring in the process of printing etching. A process of making the pattern we want on our stainless steel surface. Our CBSA International 13 years of stainless steel surface processing experience can meet the needs of various types of customers, support incoming materials to map, non-standard customization.


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