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Supplier of colored stainless steel sheet with nano-baking technology

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Nano is a kind of micro unit, baking paint is a process technology, nano baking paint is micro-fine paint technology, colored stainless steel sheet of nano baking paint technology is a technology with micro-fine paint

The color effect is completed on the surface of stainless steel. This product has fast repairability and solves the defect that the colored stainless steel sheet cannot be repaired after scratching.
There are not many suppliers of color stainless steel with nano-baking paint technology, because this fine technology is not available to all manufacturers, and the manufacturing cost is high. The key is the technical formula and technical generation. The advantage of nano-baking paint colored stainless steel sheet is that it is colorful, any color can be produced, and different batches of products can be made into the same color, basically no color difference. Its processing performance is superior, shear bending is not limited, and various products can be processed at will.

This product is different from general paint products. Common paint products are sprayed with some dry powder materials on the surface of stainless steel through a high temperature furnace, and then painted finish. The defect of this method is that it cannot be processed and bent. It will crack, exposing cracks and white dry powder, and cannot be repaired.
So far, this technology product has a particularly high cost performance, is widely used without restrictions, and can be repaired with strokes and other advantages. Welcome to consult for customization.


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