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How to distinguish the quality of colored stainless steel sheet

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Many customers are unfamiliar with colored stainless steel sheets and cannot distinguish the quality. Today I will give you a few ways to enjoy:
1. The colored stainless steel sheet is generally divided into 304 and 201 from the material. The colored plate made of 304 and the colored plate made of 201. You can see the back with your eyes. The dark side is 304 and the bright white is 201. Also, by folding the board by hand, the softer one is 304 and the harder one is 201.

2. From the surface color of the colored stainless steel sheet, when the same material has the same color, different batches can be seen, because different batches will have obvious color difference; there are also different manufacturers, the color difference is also more obvious. If the same batch is produced by the same manufacturer, the surface looks uniform in color and is of good quality. If it is not uniform, it proves that the quality is unstable or the materials are produced in different batches.
3. The color stainless steel sheet can be viewed as 304 or 201 from the reagent. It is immediately measured by the test agent. This test agent is usually sold on the market.
4. The color stainless steel sheet distinguishes quality from brand manufacturers, big brands pay attention to quality, has requirements for management, and tracks and checks orders; ordinary small factories are relatively poor, and stability is also poor.
The above four points can completely distinguish the quality and effect of the colored stainless steel sheet. If you have the conditions, you can try it yourself.


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