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Seek an international design team to complete the color stainless steel decorative design project.

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Because of the wide application of colored stainless steel sheets, the company needs development, CBSA International seeks design team partners to complete various decorative design projects of colored stainless steel sheet applications. The company provides professional color stainless steel application technical guidance, so that you have more creative inspiration in the design.

CBSA International's stainless steel products include colored stainless steel sheets, stainless steel decorative screen partitions, colored stainless steel glass doors, home security steel doors (anti-theft doors), custom stainless steel crafts, stainless steel profiles for interior decoration, wall and floor tile trim lines, interior walls Colored stainless steel decorative sheet in the local art space, stainless steel profiles for indoor ceiling art decoration, colored stainless steel art customization of the hotel lobby image wall, colored stainless steel embossed sheet for decorative design of the hotel KTV bar space, high-end intelligent colored stainless steel glass doors and windows for architectural hotels Application, architectural steel structure glass metal screen wall and other products. CBSA International has professional production capacity and processing technology, and can provide professional technical application guidance, installation and construction guidance, design and assembly application solutions and other services for the above products.

The design team partners we need must be able to complete all kinds of architectural and interior design, and be able to complete the output of the application plan on time, supervise the construction progress and guide the plan on site.
Please be interested in working with CBSA international cooperation team, through the service contact professional expatriate personnel department to dock, thank you for your recommendation and cooperation.


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Article tags: Seek an international design team to complete the color stainless steel decorative design project.

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