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How to use green stainless steel decorative sheet?

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-05-19 20:20:36
Speaking of the application of color stainless steel sheet, we have talked a lot before, you can check the previous news content, as for the green brushed and mirror stainless steel, have you used it, how to use it in the end is beautiful, now to share the application method.

Green stainless steel decorative sheet
, also called PVD-coated colored stainless steel sheet, is a color of colored stainless steel, but this color is more dazzling and prominent, and it is not commonly used by designers. In addition, green stainless steel decorative sheets are generally used in personalized spaces, such as KTV bars, personalized decorative walls, office image walls, and some special display walls. There are also partial decorations for ceilings. It is generally not suitable for large-area use, only as a decorative decoration, the most important thing is to see the actual application level of the designer.
In addition to green colored stainless steel sheets, our manufacturers often make blue mirror stainless steel sheets, blue brushed stainless steel sheets, red vibration stainless steel sheets,purple mirror stainless steel sheets, purple brushed decorative stainless steel sheets, etc., interested designers You can enter the product page to view.


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