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New type 3D mirror embossed art stainless steel sheets

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-05-20 21:43:27
The mirror embossed art stainless steel sheet is as good as the realistic effect of the natural sea water surface. It produces a different horizontal plane art through the wave-like mirror refraction, so that the wall decoration presents a three-dimensional artistic painting effect. It is suitable for interior wall decoration, theme art wall surface, indoor ceiling, etc., including interior decoration, elevator decoration, KTV engineering application, etc.

The mirror embossed art stainless steel sheet surface has a mirror surface and a matte surface, with brushed and cross patterns, snowflake sand, local chaotic patterns, etc. The colors are gold, rose gold, black, gray, cyan, purple, bronze, blue, etc. Please understand what you need to customize when purchasing. Specifications include 1219 * 2438mm, 1219 * 3050mm, 1219 * 4000mm, etc.

The application of mirror water ripple stainless steel sheet has become the designer's new favorite. Its three-dimensional decorative effect makes people shine, especially used for ceiling decoration and special artistic wall surface, which truly plays a perfect decorative effect.
Ok, share here today, more new mirror embossed art stainless steel sheet, please continue to pay attention to update.


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