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How to use black mirror stainless steel sheet interior decoration?

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-05-24 16:10:38
Hong Kong big-name designer teaches you how to use black mirror stainless steel in interior decoration application, I believe it will bring you design inspiration.
For interior space decoration, design is the most critical link, and no matter how good the product is, it must be used in the most suitable place to play a role.
So, how can black mirror stainless steel be used to achieve better results? Now share some application experience as follows:

The black mirror stainless steel is a heavy color element. The design style needs to be simple and stable, suitable for modern minimalist style. Therefore, it is best to design with black and white as the main design. The special place is suitable for the exhibition hall, commercial space, stable and heavy space.
Black stainless steel has brushed matte and mirror light. These two varieties are also different. Black mirror stainless steel highlights the dark light and has the effect of mirror shadow. It meets the specific needs. The space is generally not suitable for large areas. Only special needs Spaces such as movie theater aisles, elevator walkways, etc. Brushed stainless steel matte is generally used for auxiliary applications, the application effect is similar, but the surface light perception is different.
Black mirror stainless steel is in the hands of designers, and it requires bold design, and a breakthrough in design style to create better works.

Regarding the application of black mirror stainless steel products, many different views and design schemes are also used. Please stay tuned for the latest information.


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