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Are the gold and green stainless steel sheets the same price?

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-06-16 14:16:44
The price of gold and green stainless steel sheets is of course different, the two colors are too different in processing technology.
The golden stainless steel sheet has mirror surface and brushing, as well as sandblasting and vibration; the green stainless steel sheet also has these colors. Although the surface technology is the same, but the color is different, it will be very big because of the price. The following is a breakdown of production principles.

For the products of CBSA International, each process is strictly required to ensure stable quality and surface effect. Some brands may tell you that the two colors are not different. That is because there is no quality requirement for the product to answer your question. . When we make products, we must respect quality and give priority to quality control. Choice is the key. The same two colors, gold is relatively cheaper, because it is a regular color, general color, but the relationship between light and dark colors. The green has very high requirements on the material, and the color sense is beautiful. In general, green stainless steel sheet selection is better than gold, that is, the brand of the material is different, and the brand is different, that is, the formula of the material is different, and the formula determines the direction of green. Why is the green made by some factories dark and opaque, and some made bright and transparent, which is obvious from the green color of the mirror. Green is a very standard color, and there are not many factories that make it, and it is not always possible to do it, so the cost of making a batch is higher than that of gold that is often made.
In fact, the color can be adjusted arbitrarily, but the difficulty is that each batch is the same. That is to say, if it is produced in our factory, it can be guaranteed to be consistent with the original color swatch, but other factory samples can only be close to the color Too. However, some factories did not do well in the previous batch and the next batch, and the color came over because they did not have a vacuum to master the color production principle. In fact, each color has a special hue direction, some colors will change with the material, if you use another material, there will be deviations.

So how much does the price of gold and green stainless steel sheets differ? This cannot give an absolute price, because there are too many factors that determine the price of green, including output, materials, and periodic production cycles. These all affect the price, and gold is basically done every day. It can be done every day, the color mixing speed is fast, the cleaning time and cost are reduced, so gold is much cheaper. If the product of the same specification, gold is 200 yuan, green may be between 450-600, this is a rough reference.


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