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Why did the designer choose 304 stainless steel golden sheet for decoration?

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304 stainless steel golden sheet is very popular as an interior decoration material. It not only has a beautiful appearance but also grades. Designers have a feeling for this product. It is very distinctive in the interior design. This is mainly determined according to the design style. Of course There are many 304 color stainless steel sheets, and we can choose according to the design indoor plan. Do you know why the design chooses this product? Here are the advantages of decomposing 304 stainless steel golden sheet:

1. What is 304 stainless steel golden sheet

First of all, we can see that it is 304 from the material. The 304 material will not rust, and it has strong durability and oxidation resistance. Of course, the price is relatively expensive. Secondly, the 304 stainless steel surface must be plated with gold plates, that is, we choose 304 stainless steel plates to polish the surface, and then perform a gold-plated color vacuum titanium plating process, which is often referred to as the PVD process, so it appears What we call 304 stainless steel golden sheet. Some customers will ask why it is necessary to use 304 to make golden sheets? Wouldn’t 201 just work? Of course, let me talk about the reasons in detail below!

Second, why choose 304 stainless steel golden sheet

Most of the customers who can choose 304 stainless steel rose gold plate are in the interior decoration and elevator decoration industry. First of all, 304 must be more expensive than 201. In the case of increased costs, customers still choose 304, which must have its advantages. Let me talk about several dimensions:

1. Processing performance: The processing performance of 304 is better than 201, as far as the extension performance is concerned. 304 is the material of choice.

2. Brilliant plating: When it comes to many professional understandings of color, we will know that our 304 and 201 are plated with the same gold, and the color will be different. Although this has a certain relationship with time, but at the same time, our color 304 will be more colorful than 201, and the gloss will be better! The decorative effect will be strong! Durable and durable

3. The decoration effect is high: choosing 304 stainless steel gold sheet for decoration will improve the effect of the entire application scene. The whole application is very high-end. Some people say that I can use yellow titanium. Yellow titanium looks very high-end, but if the color is matched Improper will look very tacky! Rose gold does not. Colors are easy to match, and results are easier to produce.

Therefore, the main reason why the design chooses 304 stainless steel gold sheet has its main reason. For the selection of this stainless steel gold sheet, it has the classic luxury gold color. It is very convenient to apply and it is suitable for many spaces. It has a mirror surface on this product. And wire drawing, sand blasting process, designers apply according to needs. Learn more about new products of colored stainless steel sheets, follow CBSA International, and you will get more latest stainless steel information.


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