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How to package stainless steel color plate for export, is it safe?

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Regarding the export of stainless steel color sheet, the general transportation is by land, then by sea, and then by land to the destination. This is a complete transportation process. Usually transported in the form of containers. So everyone will ask about safety and whether the product will be damaged on the road. This is also an issue that everyone cares about.

Stainless steel is divided into two packaging methods: plate and coil. Color stainless steel sheet is usually packaged in flat form. It is based on the color processing link and cannot be rolled. Then the color stainless steel sheet packaging depends on the specifications and dimensions of the product itself. The thickness of the general stainless steel color sheet is 0.4-1.0, or 1.2, 1.5, and the size is 1219*2438, 1219*3050mm, so its weight and packaging size can be calculated.
Normally, a box of colored stainless steel sheets generally contains 100 sheets, while thicker sheets are relatively reduced. It is mainly based on the weight of the box. Too heavy will be unsafe during transportation and may be damaged. Therefore, stainless steel manufacturers will press Calculate the number of sheets with normal weight. For export products, the packaging box meets the requirements of customs standards. If it does not meet the requirements, it may need to be repackaged or returned. This is a very strict requirement. Therefore, the packaging box of stainless steel plate has a unified standard.

When the color stainless steel sheet is boxed for export, there is a professional and standard boxing method. It is different from ordinary products. It needs special steel wire for reinforcement. Because it takes a long time to transport at sea, it is difficult to avoid the problem of shaking. If it is fixed well, it may affect the sliding and cause damage to the product surface. So all these processes are completed during the packing process to ensure safety during transportation.
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