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Color stainless steel is anti-fingerprint, what is stainless steel without fingerprint?

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Color stainless steel is anti-fingerprint, also called stainless steel without fingerprints. This is a new technology to protect the surface of stainless steel. That is to say, the stainless steel surface will not leave fingerprints when touched by the hand, and it is easy to erase.
The anti-fingerprint effect of stainless steel is not that fingerprints cannot be printed on the surface of stainless steel, but that the fingerprints are lighter than ordinary stainless steel surface without anti-fingerprint treatment, and it is relatively easy to wipe clean, and there will be no stains left after wiping.
When we use colored stainless steel sheets, we often touch the surface of stainless steel to experience the tactility of stainless steel, or touch it during processing and installation, especially in the process of use, people’s curious touch will leave the surface of stainless steel. Fingerprints make the appearance unsightly, and severely cause oxidation, corrosion and rust. Because human hands sometimes have sweat, this sweat will damage the surface of stainless steel and need to be wiped off in time. It will be damaged or affect the appearance of the stainless steel surface over time. With the color stainless steel anti-fingerprint protection, it will not be affected.
So, what is anti-fingerprint stainless steel, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The anti-fingerprint of stainless steel is a treatment process in which a very thin and strong protective layer is formed on the surface of stainless steel through nano-coating technology, so that the surface of stainless steel can not only achieve the anti-fingerprint effect, but also improve the anti-corrosion ability; In terms of processing, general processing such as bending or stamping can meet the requirements. This improves the impact of fingerprints or oil stains in the use of stainless steel products; solves the problem of easy adhesion of dust on the surface and difficult cleaning. At the same time, it avoids the defects of stainless steel surface damage, blackening, or loss of luster caused by commonly used chemical solvents to process fingerprints or oil stains.

However, the color stainless steel anti-fingerprint is suitable for matte stainless steel or the less demanding bright stainless steel. For the mirror-finished stainless steel surface, anti-fingerprint technology is generally not used for protection, because anti-fingerprint is generally a strong film. If the stainless steel of the mirror surface is also anti-fingerprint, it will reduce the gloss effect of the mirror surface, make the mirror surface blurred, and affect the actual appearance of the mirror surface stainless steel. Therefore, most mirror stainless steel does not need anti-fingerprint technology. But currently CBSA International has developed a technology that is more advanced than anti-fingerprint technology, which can be used on mirror stainless steel, which not only guarantees the anti-fingerprint effect, but also ensures the transparent effect of the mirror. This technology is compared with ordinary anti-fingerprint technology. The technology is much more expensive. It is specially used for mirror stainless steel material, especially elevator decoration, high-end wall decoration close to the distance, the effect is very beautiful, and the daily maintenance is also very convenient. This technology is also an upgraded version of anti-fingerprint. Customers who want to know this kind of products can directly contact the customers of this site to obtain relevant information and samples.


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