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What is super mirror stainless steel sheet, and how is it different from ordinary mirror?

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Super mirror stainless steel sheet, also known as 10K or 12K stainless steel mirror sheet, its surface is extremely transparent, like a glass mirror, without any pattern on the surface, pure, clear and transparent mirror effect.
How can it be distinguished and distinguished that it is a super mirror stainless steel sheet, and what is the difference between it and ordinary mirrors? As a senior designer and buyer, we must clearly distinguish between them.

There are preliminary definitions above, and it is estimated that everyone still doesn't understand it, because these industry terms are really difficult to understand. First of all, let’s talk about ordinary mirror-finished stainless steel sheets. For mirror-finished stainless steel sheets, everyone agrees that the surface can reflect and there are shadows. This is the mirror surface. Other people often come into contact with glass mirrors, which are available in every household. I believe everyone is very familiar with it. Then the stainless steel surface is made into a mirror-like effect like a glass mirror. For different uses, stainless steel materials are different, and the mirror effect will be different. In other words, ordinary mirror stainless steel, if used in industrial or outdoor places with low requirements, will save processing costs. When stainless steel surface is processed, it only needs to achieve the ordinary reflective gloss effect, which is 6K or close to 8K. , The surface is a bit fuzzy, the mirror reflection is not clear, and there will be some small spots on the surface. Therefore, this is an ordinary mirror stainless steel sheet.
For the super mirror stainless steel sheet, the surface is perfect in the strict sense, like a glass mirror, or beyond the transparent effect of a glass mirror, without any noise or flower marks on the surface, it is used for large-area close-up decoration applications , Such as elevator car interior decoration, interior wall decoration, pillar decoration, etc., and product processing applications, such as high-end stainless steel glass door and window frames, commercial space display cabinets and other product applications.
The processing of super mirror stainless steel sheet requires high material selection, that is to say, it is related to the quality and density of the material, because the material may have pores, and ordinary materials or materials with lower prices will have different degrees of pores on the surface Above, these pores are difficult to complete the mirror effect when polishing, that is, pores will appear after polishing, because it is necessary to choose high-grade materials, which also increases the cost of materials.

Secondly, in the process of processing, the processing degree of the super mirror is different from that of the ordinary mirror. The super mirror will be polished more frequently than the ordinary mirror until there are no more pores or flower marks on the surface of the stainless steel. Therefore, the processing cost is far greater than The cost of ordinary mirror-finished stainless steel sheet. Therefore, the cost of different product quality and requirements is relatively different. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
Why do mirror effects with different requirements appear? This is to meet the application requirements of different occasions. For outdoor products that are not demanding, the use of super mirror stainless steel sheet is a waste, because the cost is too high, and the application site does not have to be so demanding. So choosing the right product is the best application plan. I believe that this distinction will help everyone understand the origin and use of super mirror stainless steel, which will be of great help to buyers and designers and to judge application needs. Knowing more about the relevant knowledge of colored stainless steel sheets will definitely help you find better applications in your work.


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