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Why is the color stainless steel sheet not priced by weight?

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The price of colored stainless steel sheet is calculated in the unit of single-piece specifications, do you know, so as to accurately control the purchase cost.
Stainless steel has been purchased for many years. People are accustomed to KG as the unit of transaction. Why is the color stainless steel sheet not calculated by weight? Is there a huge difference between color stainless steel sheet and ordinary stainless steel sheet? , You will understand, the purchasing staff pay attention to collection and sharing.

Ordinary stainless steel plate is just a material, I believe you know better than me. However, the color stainless steel sheet is different. Its post-processing and technical content are much higher than ordinary stainless steel sheets. Common stainless steel sheets are only the original materials of colored stainless steel sheets. It needs to go through a variety of processing techniques to complete the color effect on the surface. , Including the surface texture art, color composition, and the superposition of multiple processes, it doubles the value of colored stainless steel. This is the charm of colored stainless steel sheets.

The processing cost of colored stainless steel is much higher than that of ordinary stainless steel. Ordinary stainless steel basically realizes a fully automated production mode, and the base material is relatively stable, so the price changes little and the production cost is basically stable. The color stainless steel sheet is different. First, the raw material is processed only at the basic cost; second is the processing technology, which is the world’s first in advanced technology, basically in the Foshan area of ​​China. It is incomparable in other regions. The main cluster effect and technology superimposition make the industry fast Development provides a guarantee; in addition, the cost of skilled workers is very high, the technology is only in the hands of a few people, and the production is difficult. It is impossible to complete technical upgrades without many years of experience.
The production of colored stainless steel is mainly based on technology, and the equipment requirements are not high, and the colored stainless steel is basically customized products, the batch amount is not large, the cost production is high, and the color or appearance effects of different batches are different. Therefore, right The control and mastery requirements of technicians are quite high, and teachers need to sum up their experience and accumulate data to control the accuracy between batches of color difference. For new colors and new processes, professional skills and repeated tests are required, which increases considerable costs and manpower time. In short, making colored stainless steel is equivalent to making creative products. Every product production is a challenge. . Because the price of colored stainless steel will not be fixed, it changes with the quantity, batch, material, and time of use. The quality of the product is also related to these factors. The reason why some products are low in price is to use low-priced materials. , The production control is not strict, and some of the products produced by the process in a short time, these products will have many defects or inherent problems, and will gradually show problems during use. Therefore, when purchasing products, you need to understand the situation and related processes and cycles, and grasp the quality of the products. It is best to choose a large-brand company to cooperate with a good reputation and after-sales guarantee. Pay attention to CBSA International, and take you to learn more about color stainless steel information and creative product application solutions.


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