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How to design and apply color stainless steel elevator sheet?

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The application of colored stainless steel elevator sheets is more and more sought after and liked by people. All kinds of new colored stainless steel products are first appeared in the elevator decoration industry, and it has become the first channel for product innovation.
The reason why the elevator decoration is so beautiful and high-end is inseparable from the design of the color stainless steel process design and production innovation. Only when the products are innovated and produced can we have the beauty of today's elevator decoration. So how is the colored stainless steel elevator decorative sheet designed, what procedures and requirements are needed, and what is the difference with ordinary colored stainless steel sheet? Today, I will explain to you all.
Elevator decorative stainless steel sheet is the most high-end product among stainless steel decorative panels, and it is also the most innovative and complex product. Its price is often two to three times more expensive than ordinary colored stainless steel sheets. The reason is that the quality requirements are high and the production is difficult. The coefficient is high, the surface color and gloss are high, and the raw material substrate is high. These four highs represent the high standards, high technology, high innovation and high quality of colored stainless steel.

How do designers design and produce such high-quality products? Actually, the designer is not an ordinary designer. He is a designer of production technology. He is very familiar with the production process and is very familiar with innovative technology. Only by understanding the production process technology can we boldly design difficult products. When the design plan comes out, it is necessary to communicate closely with the production technicians, repeated trials, and repeatedly modify the design plan to finally achieve the desired effect of the design, and quickly Only after the application effect of the actual case and the high evaluation of industry experts can large-scale production and promotion and application be realized.

Therefore, the design and application of colored stainless steel sheets requires practical application and repeated technical exchanges to be recognized by the public, and to be able to achieve stable improvements and production in batches to achieve a balance of people's needs. Although this process will take a while, the final energy production proves that the efforts of designers and production technicians are worthwhile, and at least a variety of new styles of products can be created for the public to experience.

In addition to the wide application of colored stainless steel sheet in the elevator decoration sheet industry, it is also very popular in the interior decoration industry, such as hotel decoration, commercial space decoration, KTV entertainment bars and sports clubs, etc., are used very much, and everyone is welcome. Buyers and designers can observe the decoration and other space applications of high-end hotels, improve their knowledge and purchasing skills of colored stainless steel, and provide more users with high-quality and beautiful application effects. Of course, continue to pay attention to CBSA International, you will Learn more about the latest information and product innovation of colored stainless steel, and design application solutions.


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