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The most complete professional supplier of 304 stainless steel wire drawing sheet

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304 stainless steel wire drawing sheet is actually the texture obtained after the surface treatment of stainless steel, which is a processing technology of stainless steel. Its surface is matte color, and when you look carefully, there is a slight texture on the surface, but it can't be touched by hand. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary shiny stainless steel, looks more high-grade, and the processing technology is relatively simple. Many straight lines are formed on the surface after processing. This process will not only reflect the beauty, but also eliminate some scratches on the surface of the stainless steel sheet, which is very practical.

304 stainless steel wire drawing sheet classification
(1) Stainless steel wire drawing is commonly divided into two types. The first is oil mill wire drawing. After 304 stainless steel wire drawing is processed by oil milling process, high-quality decorative effects will appear, and it is widely used in elevators and other decorative panels. The 304 stainless steel plate only needs one oil grinding and wire drawing process to achieve a good decorative effect. Our common elevator panels are basically made of oil-milled wire drawing. Generally, the effect of using filament is better. However, because the effect of ink drawing process is much better than that of dry milling, oil milling equipment is more expensive, so the cost of ink drawing processing is relatively higher.

(2) The other is dry-milled wire drawing, which is divided into short wire and filament yarn. The 304 stainless steel plate has a very good decorative effect after dry-milled wire drawing, which can meet the low requirements for decoration. Because the processing equipment is low in cost, easy to operate, the processing cost is naturally relatively low, and the applications are also very wide, so this type of processing has become a rigid demand for processing. Basically all machining centers can provide dry grinding wire drawing process.
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