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Design techniques for color matching of colored stainless steel plates

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In the architectural decoration industry, the use of stainless steel products is very important. How to use colored stainless steel plates in decoration according to color characteristics, space environment and personal hobbies.

     1. Personal reasons
     First of all, everyone has different personalities, ages, occupations, and different room functions and understanding requirements. In addition to using colorful stainless steel plates to decorate the walls, they often consider curtains, balconies, ceilings, and other decorations on home facades. Contrast and contrast colors. Therefore, when choosing which color to use, you should have specific consideration and imagination for future home decoration.
2. Influence of space environment
     It is also important to consider which color stainless steel plate color decoration to use. For example, the location of the living room and the surrounding environment, the function of the room, orientation, personal preference Feng Shui, etc., in the formation of colored stainless steel plate products, how to achieve the preemptive effect will not be unnecessary trouble.

     3. Room decoration
     For the decoration of the living room, the space is not very large, so try not to have too many colors to determine the maximum color of the stainless steel plate for the person with the largest field of view; the second color is the auxiliary color that will set off the main color. It will be simple and straightforward. The auxiliary color matches the main color as much as possible, including hue, brightness and chroma. The colorful stainless steel plate decoration on the wall, other furniture and other parts supplemented with decoration, can play a finishing touch to the decoration of the entire living room.
     4. Bathroom
     For the bathroom, the color combination of colored stainless steel plates can not only show a simple appearance, but also lose the flesh, exuding a very simple and simple beauty, giving the impression that there is no artificial pretense. The exquisite and bright colored stainless steel bathroom door or brushed board with frosted artistic effect, the whole bathroom is full of the atmosphere of the times, adding a cool visual experience in the hot summer.
     For the kitchen, colorful stainless steel panels bring a bright and beautiful appearance to the kitchen. The same color as the cabinet makes the dining room and kitchen more interesting, and strengthens the coordination and unity between the two, giving people visual enjoyment.

     The white cabinets are decorated with rose gold and are brightly decorated, neat and not monotonous.
     In short, we can know that the color matching of colored stainless steel plates should be considered in combination with many aspects such as space environment and personal hobbies. Welcome to pay attention to CBSA International, which will provide you with diversified design solutions and material application effects.


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