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What are the colors of stainless steel plate

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1. Each person's personality, age, and work are different, and the use of room functions and understanding requirements are different. In addition to using stainless steel to decorate the wall, curtains, balconies, ceilings, and other home decorations are often considered. Contrast and contrast colors. Therefore, when choosing which color to use, you should have specific considerations and imaginations for future home decoration.

2. Impact of space environment

It is also important to consider which colorful stainless steel plate color to use. For example, the location of the living room and the surrounding environment, as well as the functions, orientation, and personal preference of Feng Shui in the room, there is no unnecessary trouble in the composition of colorful stainless steel products to achieve the effect of starting from the strongest.

3. Room decoration

For the decoration of the living room, the space is not very large, so try not to have too many colors in order to determine the largest colorful stainless steel plate color for those who have the largest view in the field of vision; the second color is a complementary color that will set off the main color. It will be simple and clear. The auxiliary color matches the main color as much as possible, including color, brightness, and chroma. Through the colorful stainless steel plate decoration on the wall, and other furniture and other parts supplemented with decoration, it can be considered that the decoration of the entire living room has the finishing touch.


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