Decorative color stainless steel sheet rose gold sandblasting series




The color stainless steel sheet rose gold sandblasting series with PVD coating is available in gold, rose gold, and other customized colors. The color stainless steel plate for decoration is mainly used for interior decoration, elevator decoration, KTV engineering applications, etc.


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Specifications of Stainless Steel Sheets

Thickness 0.4 MM to 3 MM
Grade SS 304, SS 316 & SS 201
Surface Finish  Mirror, Hairline, Etching, Embossed, Sandblasting, Vibration Finish, etc.
Colored Gold, Rose Gold, Brue,Green,Bronze,Gray,Black,Red,etc.
Size 1219*2438mm,1219*3050mm,1219*4000mm.


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Q1:  What is a colored stainless steel sheet?

A:   Surface treatment is done on stainless steel materials, and through the PVD coating process, the stainless steel surface becomes a colored stainless steel sheet, which can be customized in various colors according to customer needs. Answer: Surface treatment is done on stainless steel materials, and through the PVD coating process, the stainless steel surface becomes a colored stainless steel sheet, which can be customized in various colors according to customer needs.

Q2:  How many colors are there in colored stainless steel?
A:    Stainless steel itself has no color, it can be changed into various colors through various technical processes, currently there are gold, rose gold, black, bronze, brass, green, purple, blue, gray, bronze, red, pink And so on, you can also customize with pictures and samples.

Q3: What is a mirror stainless steel sheet?
A: The mirror stainless steel sheet is polished on the stainless steel surface many times to reach the same as a normal mirror. It has a reflective effect, and the finish and transparency are very strong.

Q4: How to customize color stainless steel sheet?
A: Customized color stainless steel sheet can be customized according to customer requirements, and can also provide model customization, or select our model to directly order production.

Q5: What are the specifications of colored stainless steel sheets?
A: Color stainless steel sheets generally have multiple parameters. These parameters need to be provided in order to obtain a prepared quotation. Specific parameters are: color (refer to Q2), specifications (1219*2438mm, 1219*3050mm), thickness (0.4-1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0mm), grade (201,304,316).

Q6: Can small orders be accepted?
Yes, as long as you have needs, we can provide you with small orders or joint orders.

Q7: How to guarantee the quality and delivery time?
Regarding quality, we have professional production processes, process technology and quality control. With more than ten years of production experience, we will definitely meet your quality requirements. Regarding delivery time, normally 15-20 working days, but depending on the order volume and order time.

Q8: How to place orders for stainless steel products?
We have many types of products, including stainless steel decorative profiles, stainless steel decorative screens, hotel decorative partitions, stainless steel glass doors and windows and frames, display wine cabinets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and other products, as well as some special-shaped craft decorations, customers can customize Provide customized drawings and drawings. We can provide drawings design and optimization plan.

Q9: What services are available for stainless steel engineering projects?
For overseas markets, we can provide professional team technical guidance. For projects, we have a professional expatriate installation team that can provide technical and construction services.

Q10: About other questions?
If there are other related questions, you can leave a message online, you can also ask questions via email, you can also consult online through social. We will answer you one by one.


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