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India's ban on 59 applications in China, what impact will it have on colored stainless steel cu

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A large number of colored stainless steel sheets are exported to the Indian market. It is already one of the most popular building material products in the foreign trade market. Many Indian friends often come to China to purchase high-grade colored stainless steel sheets for interior decoration. Will Indian friends feel sad about the 59 Chinese applications that were banned by the Indian government this time? 

Without Chinese social tools, can cooperation with China continue? The software is disabled, and how everyone communicates has become a hot topic about it.
Since China's colored stainless steel products are of good quality and have always occupied the highest position in the world, such good products are of course liked and adopted by friends from various countries. Every day, the color stainless steel products exported from China to India account for more than 450% of global sales. Their purchases are mainly used for building interior decoration and trade sales to other countries. Although India and China have unclear complex and diplomatic relations, as a businessman, more attention is paid to the trend of interests. This time, the ban on 59 Chinese applications is of course very bad for Indian friends. Convenient, especially for Indian friends accustomed to China's popular social software.
In fact, there are also a lot of global social software. Popular social platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, ins, etc. In addition to the social networking in China, we can still communicate. The ban only damages the interests of the government. For businessmen, There is still a way to solve it, and it will not bring much impact.
The development of China's colored stainless steel has always been leading the world, and Indian friends will not give up the motivation to benefit because of social issues. As long as the continuous innovation of China's colored stainless steel sheet is good information for India and other countries, because we are not political circles, we only I want to improve the quality of life and make the interior space better. I believe that Indian friends can find a better communication platform and continue to fulfill their dreams under the government's prohibition.


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