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China's WeChat is banned, what do Indian color stainless steel friends think?

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China WeChat has always been loved and welcomed by Indian friends, including Chinese mobile phones, which have brought Indian friends too much happiness and convenience. In particular, the Indian colored stainless steel friends who often communicate with China, let us get closer and communicate more conveniently, because many Indian businessmen like to come to China to meet with Chinese friends for exchanges and business activities.

China’s WeChat includes 59 apps that have been banned, which is extremely inconvenient for Indian friends, because they are already used to and fall in love with the convenience of these apps. A large number of colored stainless steel sheets and stainless steel products are exported to the Indian market. They are all connected with these application softwares, knowing and communicating. Because of such convenient application exchanges and narrowing the bridge of communication, the export of stainless steel products is smoother. For friends from India who do business, basically everyone’s mobile phone is equipped with other WeChat and other communication applications. This ban will definitely bring obstacles to communication, especially for new Indian friends who join the business.
So, Indian friends who do business in colored stainless steel, how to communicate with Chinese friends next, it is actually not so inconvenient. Regarding social networking, there are many softwares available around the world that can communicate in real time, which does not affect the business between the two places. Friends, the only thing we can do is to keep in touch and use more social platform tools to achieve free instant calls and exchanges, and to achieve the work we need to do. Here, I share several popular global social software and methods to make everyone smoother. Whatsapp is an instant communication tool in the United States, which is used by friends all over the world; Facebook, Facebook in the United States is also a very good social software. There is also a special effect method. If friends in India have installed Chinese social software, they can also communicate through VPN. There are too many methods. As long as you work hard, all problems are not a problem.


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