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    01CBSA International, with its high-end positioning, establishes its corporate image, and strives to export high-quality products, uses a global perspective to connect people around the world and provide high-standard services.

    02CBSA International, with innovative design concepts and operational thinking, provides global customers with high-quality stainless steel products, helps local buyers to solve procurement problems, and implements efficient services to reduce overall procurement costs.

    03CBSA International achieves communication and promotion with people from all walks of life in the world, participates in exchange meetings, understands the products and cultures of various countries, and better serves a variety of customers, thereby winning the trust of customers.

    CBSA International



    CBSA International is a joint venture brand of Chinese and Western cultures. The company's headquarters is located in Shunlian International Trade City, Foshan, China. Its branches are located in Milan, Italy, Kolkata, India, and Doha, Qatar. The company integrates production and research, technology processing, application design and after-sale installation into an integrated service company with metal technology products as its core. The purpose is to connect the world with services, and the brand culture concept of high-end technological innovation and development. CBSA International was formerly known as Foshan Xiaojiangren, a Chinese brand enterprise with production as its core. CBSA International is determined to build a global service company in the international market.

    CBSA International's core products cover all kinds of customized products in metal, including colored stainless steel sheet, customized stainless steel products, stainless steel screen partitions, stainless steel glass door safety doors, elevator decorative spaces, stainless steel furniture and craft products, architectural glass exterior walls, metal Doors and windows and other products.

    CBSA International is positioned in the international market, providing diversified and personalized services to customers around the world, addressing the needs of insufficient resources in some regions, and sharing more latest product information and customized services. At present, engineering projects are distributed in various countries around the world, including India, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South America, Italy and other countries. The project content includes interior decoration, architectural glass exterior walls, and home villa projects.

    CBSA International has a strong strength and a professional engineering team, which can provide related construction and installation services according to customer needs. Help customers solve problems.

Brand Concept

  • Brand slogan

    The colored stainless steel is more exciting for you.

  • Brand values

    Serving every customer worldwide.

  • Brand Concept

    Focus on high-end quality and win customer respect.

  • Brand vision

    Link the world for a better future.

  • Brand mission

    Build a professional service platform to realize global one-stop procurement services.

  • Brand meaning

    Combined with the high-level western application concept, it wins the trust of global customers.

CBSA International