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What is black titanium stainless steel sheet?

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Theoretically, the black stainless steel sheet is a titanium sheet that is colored and black. Also called black titanium sheet, the correct statement should be black titanium plate! Of course, some tubes of this kind of black titanium sheet are called black steel sheet, and there are many ways to call them. Of course, no matter how they are called, we all know what plate the customer wants. But here we still have to pay attention to, there are two black titanium color differences! So that we can communicate with customers later. Let me share with you the differences between those two colors!

1. Water-plated black titanium

Generally people who have some knowledge of stainless steel technology should know that the black titanium plate has two plating processes. Here we will talk about the water plating process. We are now polishing the 2B plate and putting it in the black titanium pool to produce chemistry. Reaction to plate the stainless steel surface with a black effect. The black titanium plate processed in this way has a very dark color and high blackness.

2, pvd black titanium

Another process for making black titanium gold sheet stainless steel is to use a vacuum furnace to color the titanium by positive air plating. The color of the black titanium plate made by this method is different from the color of the water-plated black titanium plate, and the color of the pvd black sheet will be lighter and more in comparison. The surface is somewhat gray and black and not as high. But this does not affect the decorative effect.



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