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Why are china stainless steel screens used in hotels

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The china stainless steel screen is exclusive to stainless steel customized processing products, which can be customized according to the required design and style.

Stainless steel screens are generally used in hotel lobbies, restaurants, office functions, and home decoration art partitions. Many big-name designers like to use stainless steel screens as space decoration partitions, because it not only plays a role in displaying, but also divides the space into functions, and can be flexibly designed without space or wall restrictions, and the installation is also very convenient, especially The current screen can be made into an assembled form, without welding on site, and it can be changed from small to large with just a few Roses to truly achieve the artistic effect of a large screen.

If you want to know more stainless steel screen products and installation design skills, please continue to pay attention to the updated information.


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