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How to design the hotel stainless steel partition for decoration

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For many hotel design and decoration, color stainless steel screen partitions are generally used as the functional zoning of the hotel lobby, so that a reasonable space design and decorative display can be achieved, bringing a more beautiful artistic effect.

The application of color stainless steel screens has been spread all over the world. Designers have designed it in creative spaces, increasing the transparency and artistry of the space, and can also play a role in the separation of space functions. The hotel's tea bar, clear bar, leisure area and hospitality area are all separated by screens, which play a very good decorative effect.
In addition to hotel decoration, stainless steel screens are often used in banquet hall walls, sliding partitions in the middle area, cafeterias and other space applications. Large hotels also use aisle decoration, elevator decoration, lobby image wall decoration, indoor swimming pool casino Functional partitions and other decorations.
In short, the decorative color stainless steel screen partition has played a very important role in the decorative world. In the past, wood materials were used. Now, new stainless steel materials are used to make the space level more bright and luxurious. If you want to know more about the color stainless steel screen partitions, please continue to pay attention to our most information.


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