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Where will stainless steel screen partitions be installed indoors?

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Like traditional screens, stainless steel screens have the function of partitioning and decoration, and modern decoration can become a high-end atmosphere. So, where will the interior be decorated with stainless steel screen partitions? In my indoor home or indoor engineering projects, where should I consider installing stainless steel screens?
1. The entrance screen partition decoration
The entrance is a relatively small place in the room, which is a passage leading from one space to another. Stainless steel screens are usually installed on one side of this place, which makes a feeling of a doorway. The direct hedge of the indoor air has a room for relaxation The role of airflow between the space.
Stainless steel screens, as the name suggests, the so-called "screen winds", which means to block the wind, while blocking the line of sight, do not let the residential living room unobstructed, which is not conducive to feng shui; where do you need to block the wind in various locations of the interior decoration?
The answer is the location of the entrance hallway, or the entrance to the balcony. So these two locations are common installation locations for home screens. It is said that color stainless steel screens are installed at two locations here, which can block the direct convection of the airflow outside the door and the indoor airflow, which can buffer the outdoor air, activate the indoor atmosphere, preserve the indoor air, and save money and prevent the impact .
Another function of the screen is to partition. This is not difficult to understand. It is to divide a whole space into several spaces, so that people talking in the same space will not be directly interfered by each other, allowing People are quiet and calm. Therefore, the screen can also be installed at the junction where the space is excessive, such as the junction between the restaurant and the tea house, and used as a partition screen.
The screen also has a decorative function, making homes, workplaces, or business places elegant and upscale. This kind of screen mainly used for decoration is usually used for partition decoration, background wall decoration, staircase decoration, corridor aisle decoration, exterior wall decoration, etc., so the decoration of background wall, stair guardrail, corridor aisle, metal door is also the main The decorative location of the application.

2. Decorative lattice screen for home background wall
Stainless steel grid screens will be installed on the front and back of the home TV background or on the opposite sides of the TV background wall as a decorative pattern for the background wall, highlighting the interior decoration style. The decorative effect picture of the Chinese lattice stainless steel screen background wall is installed on both sides of the front and back of the TV.


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