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Can masks prevent COVID-19? Mask manufacturers will help you out.

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As an authoritative and qualified medical mask manufacturer, we will explain the role and protective function of COVID-19 masks for you.
The reason why the mask can be used for medical surgery must have its role and effect, everyone should not ignore it. Manufacturers have strict mask production standards, and can only be produced and sold if they meet national or international standards. The state will also conduct strict audits and monitoring of manufacturers.

Regarding the mask protection, the material composition is generally composed of melt-blown cloth, non-woven fabric, mask belt, and nose clip, in which the outer layer and the inner layer are made of non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is melt-blown cloth. The outermost layer of the mask has anti-spray design, the middle layer is the core functional layer, used to filter the droplets, particles or bacteria, and the inner layer mainly absorbs moisture. The main filter material is polypropylene melt-blown cloth, which is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth. Due to the electrostatic effect, it can capture dust. The droplets containing various viruses can be adsorbed on the surface of the melt-blown cloth after approaching the polypropylene melt-blown cloth Impenetrable. Suitable for flat masks meltblown filtration levels are: ordinary grade, BFE95 (filter efficiency 95%), BFE99 (filter efficiency 99%), VFE95 (filter efficiency 99%), PFE95 (filter efficiency 99%), KN90 (filter efficiency 90%) ). Meltblown fabrics generally use 20 grams of weight. The higher the weight, the better the protective filtering effect. The N95 uses 40 grams or even higher. Of course, if there are too many layers of nonwoven fabric, the mask will be harder, and if there are too many meltblown layers, it will be more difficult to breathe. Other materials: metal (for nose clips), stains, elastic materials (for mask bands), etc.
The working principle of medical masks is mostly self-priming filter masks. Its working principle is to allow harmful air to pass through the filter material of the mask and then be inhaled or exhaled by people. The filtering mechanism of the mask filter material is shown below:

It can be seen that to prevent COVID-19, it is necessary to filter the droplets. It is necessary to wear a correct mask to effectively protect and reduce the infection rate.
Learn more about COVID-19 mask knowledge, do the current protection work, let us work together to overcome the difficulties and cheer. If you need to purchase related protective equipment, please contact customer service.


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