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What is the difference between color stainless steel T profiles and U profiles?

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Stainless steel profiles are classified into T, U, L and other special shapes, and special profiles can be customized. As long as the design is creative, we can customize it for you.
So what's the use of these profiles, why do you want so many profiles, today I will work with you to understand the role of colored stainless steel profiles.
In the eyes of designers, design is the best innovation, and only continuous innovation can continue to attract attention. The colored stainless steel profiles also give designers too much inspiration and make the space infinitely creative.

Now we give an example to illustrate the use of profiles and the difference between T-shaped and U-shaped and the effect of use. For home decoration, in order to highlight the stylish and modern decoration style, the designer will add some stainless steel profiles as embellishment and enhance the decorative effect. For example, in the past, complex gypsum lines were used to support the ceiling, but no one is using it now. Instead, the design is more simple. The simple increase of the metal texture is used as the background, highlighting the metal texture or the light reflection effect of the mirror refraction. And fashion beauty. Then these metal lines are what we call color stainless steel T-profiles or U-profiles. Here, how to apply these two profiles will tell you how to design a clever door. Usually the ceiling of the simple shape of the ceiling is square frame type, one layer or two layer effect. Then the design uses colored U-shaped mirrors to wrap the edges, making the visual effect more prominent. If T-shaped profiles are used, the design and decoration methods are different. Usually, the T-shaped profiles are installed at the bottom of the finishing edge by 20 centimeters, showing the effect of the frame-shaped T-shaped profiles. A different line beauty.
If there is a wall design, designers usually use the TV wall surrounded by U-shaped materials as the theme wall, and T-shaped materials are usually used for soft-mounted beading to show the visual effect of the line, and are usually also used for the beading between materials.

Therefore, the color stainless steel T profiles and U profiles have their own decorative effects. The decorative style is the same, the application effect is different, and the visual perception is different. In the next issue, I will share with you L-shaped and special-shaped decorative applications. Please continue to pay attention.


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