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How about the price of Chinese colored stainless steel hotel glass doors?

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Colored stainless steel has been widely used in various fields of architectural decoration and has become one of the important materials for designers. As a colored stainless steel glass door, it is a new type of product processing product, which has become a major hotel and commercial space application, and has been well received by everyone.
At present, most of the doors in the hotel decoration use colored stainless steel glass sliding doors, and some use intelligent induction mobile sliding doors, which improves the hotel's welcome.

So how much money do these doors need, and what price is more appropriate? This is a concern of the engineering side and the purchaser. For the price, there are different calculation methods, and each engineering party has different requirements. The thickness, model, quality, specifications, and design scheme of the material are different. The price is completely different, but the price can be calculated uniformly. . For conventional colored stainless steel glass doors, the quality is generally about 1500 square meters, including tempered glass. This is only a rough assessment. The specific requirements depend on the design requirements and materials used. The prices of 304 and 201 are different, the thickness of the plate is different, the method of production is different, the complexity and materials all affect the price changes.
Therefore, the buyer must give drawings or reference drawings, and details can only be quoted, or the price difference will be relatively large. Well, for the price of smart stainless steel glass sliding door for hotels, please consult and order in detail.


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