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How to customize the colored stainless steel glass door used in the hotel door?

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With the wide application of colored stainless steel plates, a large number of high-end hotel decorations have used colored stainless steel glass doors, stainless steel framed glass induction automatic sliding doors, and stainless steel swing glass doors. These doors are covered with colored stainless steel plates, which is more luxurious Atmospheric, durable, safe and well maintained.
So, how do overseas customers customize these colored stainless steel glass doors? Now we will give you a breakdown of the design and customization methods.

First of all, measure the size of the door opening and confirm that the intact surface material of the door opening may be marble or other metal materials.
Secondly, when measuring the size of the doorway, it is necessary to measure the three wide heights of the doorway, that is, the width of the upper, middle and lower, so as to ensure the minimum width of the opening, and then measure the three heights, that is, the height of the left, middle and right, also to ensure the minimum height , At the same time, to understand whether the opening meets the vertical standard.
Third, design the style of the colored stainless steel glass door. The style can be freely designed to meet the design requirements. And the output of the marked drawings to ensure that every detail has parameters, as a guarantee for the later processing of colored stainless steel glass doors.

Fourth, the processing plant optimizes the actual application of the drawings, and refines the processing drawings according to the ergonomic principles and practical application habits. The focus is on the size and installation of the colored stainless steel frame, and the details of the hardware accessories.
Fifth, assign refinement parameters, color stainless steel glass door processing parameters, glass processing parameters, and perform predetermined parameters for production and processing.
Finally, the product packaging is counted, the packaging size and packaging method are calculated, and the link of safe transportation is also considered. Everything is guaranteed for the final perfect installation.
If you need more detailed understanding and customization of the requirements of colored stainless steel glass doors, please consult the customer service hotline, or continue to pay more attention to the application design scheme of colored stainless steel glass doors.

The common materials for general colored stainless steel glass doors are: mirror-finished golden stainless steel sheet, brushed golden stainless steel sheet, rose gold mirror stainless steel sheet, rose gold brushed stainless steel sheet, brushed black stainless steel sheet, mirror black stainless steel sheet, bronze brushed stainless steel sheet, etc. The design can be selected and used according to the design style.


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