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What is a colored stainless steel sheets, what is a colored sheets?

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Colored stainless steel sheets, also called color sheet, is stainless steel sheet before processing, I believe everyone knows stainless steel.
The colored stainless steel sheets is processed on the surface of the stainless steel sheet. Through the vacuum PVD coating technology, various bright colors are processed, including gold such as gold, rose gold, black, pink, blue, green, bronze, Coffee color, etc. With these beautiful colors, it plays a very good decorative effect in the interior space decoration, designers also like it very much, very popular

Public praise. Its advantages have the superiority of stainless steel itself, and can meet the artistic effects of visual perception.
The color stainless steel sheet not only has a breakthrough in color, but also has a great breakthrough in surface technology. The general stainless steel sheet feels like a cold steel plate, but after the surface is added
After processing, it can make the colored stainless steel sheet warmer, more temperamental, more fashionable and distinctive. When processing stainless steel sheets, the manufacturer polishes the surface in addition to the color
Oil protection, for example, the 8K mirror we often see is made by polishing process, and then anti-fingerprint technology is used to protect the stainless steel surface, which can make the color thin plate more durable, use performance is better, and daily maintenance is also more convenient.
The specifications of colored stainless steel sheets are generally similar to raw materials, but there is a small difference, because the raw materials are cut according to the standard, and then subjected to surface treatment in multiple links to become colored stainless steel sheets. In the process of processing, due to the different processing methods of each process, due to the limitations of processing equipment, some processes need to occupy a little bit of board material as auxiliary processing, for example, you need to punch holes on the edge of the board for hanging board processing, and Due to processing equipment, some can only process limited specifications, so the specifications of color stainless steel sheets are slightly different. At present, there are mainly three types of color sheet: 1219 * 2438mm, 1219 * 3050mm, 1219 * 4000mm. Some single-art color sheet products maintain the same raw material specifications.

In addition to the above, the surface processing technology of colored stainless steel sheets has many more technically more difficult surface technology effects, and continuous attention is welcome.


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