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How is the stainless steel etched sheet made?

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For newcomers, they do not have a deep understanding of stainless steel etching sheets, especially some new stainless steel surface processes, which are indeed one of the highlights of colored stainless steel sheets.
So, what are the stainless steel etched thin plates?

The stainless steel etched sheet is a kind of stainless steel color craft board. Its main feature is the etched pattern on the surface, and the uneven layered pattern will be touched by hand. This is the stainless steel etched sheet produced by the chemical etching process. Its biggest highlight is the pattern and layering.
The stainless steel etched thin plate can have many colors, in addition to the original color of the plate, it can also be processed into a variety of colors with PVD coating, such as gold, rose gold, black, pink, blue
, Green, bronze, brown, etc., you can also customize the special colors you need. It is more beautiful and distinctive for interior decoration.
The stainless steel etched sheet is mainly used in elevator decoration and indoor wall art decoration. Since the colored stainless steel etched sheet is very popular with designers, they can play well in the design.
The decorative effect of colored stainless steel is very popular in the market. Most of the products are used in the decoration of elevator cabinets and the amount is very large.
I believe that with this explanation, the designers have a certain understanding of the colored stainless steel etched sheets, and can DIY to design more excellent works.


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