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American COVID-19 event! Is there any effect on the stainless steel decorative sheet?

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Regarding the COVID-19 incident in the United States, all Americans feel chilled, and many people cannot live and work normally. For those who work in the construction and decoration industry, stainless steel decorative sheets
Demand will bring more impact.
The color stainless steel sheet is originally produced in Foshan, China. Many users need to purchase these high-end stainless steel decorative sheet products in China for construction and interior decoration. But due to recent times, what happened

The outbreak of COVID-19 affected various countries in the world, especially the United States, and became a country in the hardest hit area.
The United States purchases many materials for stainless steel decorative sheets every year, which are used for local architectural decoration projects. The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has caused the United States to fall into various emergencies.

In order to prevent citizens from getting safe and not working properly, all industries including the building decoration industry have to be suspended.
The impact of the US COVID-19 epidemic has led to economic instability, which will have a great impact on construction companies purchasing all construction materials such as stainless steel decorative sheets. Especially under construction

The stainless steel decoration project cannot continue its work normally, which greatly restricts the progress of the project and the loss of economic costs.
In order to prevent excessive losses, many companies in the United States have chosen to shut down and take vacations to reduce workers ’expenses. However, the owner of the application material for stainless steel decorative sheets may be suspended.

A variety of phenomena such as the purchase or potential replacement of other local materials or the inability of the project to take place have made it an advantage, and it has greatly affected the development of the stainless steel decorative sheet material industry.


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