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How many kinds of stainless steel decorative sheets are there, how to classify them?

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The stainless steel decorative sheet has been valued in the design and decoration, because the stainless steel plate has rich colors and textures, which can allow designers to develop more creative works.
So how many varieties of stainless steel decorative sheets, what are the differences and connections between them, can allow the design to be classified in detail, and better choice and use of these colored stainless steel plates in creative design.
If the stainless steel decorative sheet is in the stainless steel production industry, it is no different from the colored stainless steel sheet, but everyone categorizes these colored sheets differently. In the stainless steel industry, they are divided into colored thin plates, etched plates, brushed plates, and titanium plates. This is called the process name, which is not easy to be confused in production. In the design and decoration industry, designers have different views on these stainless steel decorative plates. They will classify these colored stainless steels in a stylized manner, that is, to classify them according to the appearance and decoration of the surface. Convenience and communication within.
Now that we know the preliminary definition of stainless steel color sheets, then we will answer from the perspective of the designer, how many kinds of stainless steel decorative sheets are there. According to the appearance and decoration effect of stainless steel, designers are classified as follows: they are mainly divided into five categories: color stainless steel sheet, stainless steel decorative sheet, embossed stainless steel sheet, printed stainless steel sheet, industrial stainless steel sheet. Below we explain each of these five categories.
Color stainless steel sheet: It belongs to solid color mirror or brushed sheet, such as golden mirror stainless steel sheet, golden brushed stainless steel sheet, and other colored mirrors and brushed surfaces belong to color stainless steel sheet.

Stainless steel decorative sheet: It is a stainless steel sheet with many rich textures on the surface, including color and texture. The color can be colored or natural. For example, the etched mirror golden stainless steel sheet has a colored surface with uneven texture. Another example is the rose gold etched mirror-finished brushed stainless steel sheet, which is colored, has a concave-convex texture, and has a drawing process on the surface. This is a relatively complex stainless steel decorative sheet with a combination of multiple processes. There is also a stainless steel brushed mirror vibration stainless steel plate, which has no color, that is, the natural color of stainless steel, and also
There are stainless steel plates with various surface processes. These stainless steel decorative panels are usually used for elevator cabinet decoration, and are suitable for stainless steel sheets that are close to the moment, so the surface technology is very rich.

Embossed stainless steel sheet: This kind of sheet is generally between 1.0-3.0, which is a little thicker than the colored sheet. This embossing plate also includes color and colorless, mainly based on the surface texture, this texture
It is formed by die stamping, which is different from the surface technology introduced above. Generally, after the colored board is completed, the final process is completed by stamping the die. This type of stainless steel decorative plate has
Sliding effect, suitable for indoor and outdoor walls and floors. For example, we often see stainless steel plates used for outdoor walls, as well as non-slip stainless steel plates on the ground.

Print stainless steel plate: This stainless steel plate prints the pattern on the raw material, which is equivalent to printing the pattern on paper, and then baked at high temperature. The process is simple, but it can be achieved
Various 3D colorful artistic painting effects on various surfaces. Generally used for decorative arts display in specific places or columns.

Industrial stainless steel plate: This is the most original stainless steel plate, it can not be used for decoration, only for processing products and the like.
Well, I believe everyone has some understanding of the types of stainless steel decorative sheets. Not all stainless steel plates are called color plates, or decorative plates, and pattern plates. For more knowledge about stainless steel, please see other articles in this column.


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