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Processing method of color stainless steel sheet?

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How to process the on-site processing of colored stainless steel sheet in the application construction, what is the processing method, now to share with you some processing tools and processing experience, which is related to the quality and effect of construction.
The colored stainless steel sheet is like gold or jade in our hands, and it needs to be well protected so that it is not vulnerable. That is to say, the color stainless steel sheet itself is protected by a protective film, but how to process it improperly will damage the surface of the stainless steel sheet, which also has certain requirements for the professionalism of the tools and personnel used. It is very important to choose a good tool; the other is the professional level of the worker; the third is the worker's attitude towards product processing, and these three points directly affect the processing effect.
For the processing of colored stainless steel sheet, first look at how to use it. If it is only for cutting straight lines, it is best to use a professional cutting machine. If the accessory has this equipment, if it is not available, it needs to be cut on site.

It can be cut with a grinder, but the edges may be burnt and not cut straight, depending on the professional level of the workers. Some workers use the locator, some are strong, just draw a line on the board, Cutting along the line, these methods may cause the phenomenon of burning black edges. In order to reduce the burning black edges, the grinding wheel can be cut downward at an angle of 45 degrees, so there is basically no burning black edges.
If the processing of colored stainless steel sheets is to cut profiles, then you must buy a small cutting machine with a 45-degree angle for cutting, preferably the one with water cooling, so that it will not burn black edges, no waterIf it is cold, it will make the protective film on the side meet high temperature and the burning glue will become black. Remember to add soap to the water to enhance lubrication.
If the processing of the colored stainless steel sheet is round, it is best to use a laser machine to cut it. If not, then draw a line first, and then cut with a line. If conditions permit, this equipment is not available locally, onlyCan test the level of skilled workers, find a positioning shaft, cut at 45 degrees along the positioning direction, and manually apply cooling water to prevent burnt edges, and finally use a grinder to polish the edges, so that it is smooth.
Well, I have shared some simple processing methods for colored stainless steel sheets during construction. I hope it will be helpful to you and your construction team.


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